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No, this isn’t an advertisement for the latest and greatest driver but you can pick up 30 yards of distance without changing equipment. It’s all about hitting the ball properly with a solid, fundamental swing.

As all of you who take lessons from me know, I am a big believer in technology, as it has made my job as a golf instructor easier and allows my students to get better results more quickly. On the lesson tee you will always see me with my Flightscope X2, which is a 3D doppler tracking radar for golf.

With the X2 I am able to get over 20 pieces of information including swing speed, path of swing, ball speed and club speed. While all these numbers may be foreign to you, for me it provides a very clear picture of what is happening in your golf swing and what exactly is causing your critical ball flight error. From there it’s simply fixing the issues and very quickly you start hitting the ball farther and straighter.

Below is a short video where I took a student of mine and in 10 minutes turned his 230 yard slice into a 260 yard draw.