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…one minute clip on how to make your golf game better. I have two special videos for you today as I teamed up with John Novosel Jr. who, along with his dad, founded Tour Tempo. Tour Tempo has been featured on The Golf Channel, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine and hundreds of other publications and television shows and they specialize on how to get a golfer to hit it farther and straighter. The Novosel’s discovered that the tempo, or time the backswing takes in relation to the downswing, had a huge effect on a golfers performance. They also discovered that many high handicappers didn’t have very good tempo. In addition to running Tour Tempo, John also competes in world long drive championships, so basically he puts his money where his mouth is. For 25 years now John has been working on ways to help people increase distance and in these two videos we talk a lot about where distance and power come from and how you can pick up 20 more yards. I highly recommend you check out John’s stuff at

Now, if you’re reading this at work, make sure you have a couple minutes to watch both videos as we go in depth about how and why John hits the ball so far and what you can do to help increase your distance. If you have any questions about Tour Tempo or any other questions you’d like answered please contact me at