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It’s no secret that we would all play better golf if we putted better. Jason Day is statistically the best putter on the PGA Tour and, not coincidently, is also the number one player in the world. Jimmy Walker led the PGA Championship in scrambling and putting and he just won his first major. Everybody has a weakness when it comes to putting and I break peoples weaknesses into two categories: people who struggle with lag putting and people who struggle with short putts. When it comes to short putts, speed and green reading are usually not very important. However, alignment along with path and club face control are extremely important if we’re going to make all those short putts. Below is a drill to help you align properly and get a consistent putting stroke where the path and club face are square at impact. Once you start consistently making putts with this drill you’ll see that making those 5 footers on the course gets a whole lot easier and your scores will start going down.

Click on the drill below to start making a better putting stroke and lowering your scores.