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…is great unless we are talking about your golf game. Most players struggle out of the bunker and try to avoid them at all costs. However, with just a little bit of knowledge and practice, anybody can become a great bunker player.

The #1 issue when it comes to getting out of the bunker is not having the club enter and exit the sand in the correct spots

While watching a PGA or LPGA Tour event, I’ve heard countless times a television commentator say that a certain player will be happy when they discover that their ball is in the bunker instead of the rough around the green. The reason bunker shots are so easy for good players is due to the fact that it’s the one shot in golf where you don’t actually hit the ball. Because of this fact, the margin of error to hit a good shot is increased tremendously.

Below is a short video showing you how to get out of those greenside bunkers every time and start lowering your scores.